Thursday, July 25, 2013

Say Hello! to the best bear video. Ever... and Twitter's TED

We've all seen those bear-catching-salmon-swimming-upstream videos. This will change the way you look at bears. Hahaha... Too funny. OMG! Ow! my stomach. I can't bear it. LOL. - all perfectly normal reactions on viewing this 7 second clip. Challenge you not to see it again. And again!

This proves beyond all doubt that bears really are wild creatures. They. Are. Just. Too. Wild. :-)

Speaking of wild bears, meet TED - officially the craziest bear on Twitter. TED tweets a lot (often NSFW), but mostly harmless fun & funny stuff which his million+ followers lap up with gusto !!!

(-:   Emoji   Emoji   Emoji   Emoji  :-)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Amazing TEDx Talk - Beatboxer Extraordinaire, Tom Thum

TED stands for Technology. Entertainment. Design. This video represents the 'E'... to a 'T'.

You've seen amazing people performing on TED. Few come close to this. This beat-boxing powerhouse of vocal talent, has honed his natural gift into an awesome, hugely entertaining show.

From Brisbane, Australia... rocking TEDx Sydney... Ladies & Gentlemen, this is Tom Thummer.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Cool trio of Mentos ads + Diet Coke classic viral hit

Take five to enjoy these funny 'Don't Become Your Dad' ads for Mentos Chewy Mints. An orally awesome creative trio with that perfect flavour of silliness and humour. Chew on it!

Hot Tub


Stranger Danger

Vintage Viral Video

Check out the Diet Coke + Mentos Eruption Experiment - one of the earliest viral videos from back in 2006, pre-social media - when people shared cool stuff via email attachments :-)

Here's the scientific explanation of the chemical reaction that causes the explosive geyser.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Humans are awesome. Which means: You. Are. Awesome.

Hey! Awesome human. Know what? You were right. You. Are. Awesome. Here's an amazing video series (and website: dedicated to the awesomeness that we homo sapiens bring to the world. Celebrate your life. Love your being. Enjoy your awesome self ;-)

Many Thanks to Kristy Napier for tweeting this out. Awesome find.

While on awesome humans, follow my twitter friend, Engaging Emma for #Twinspiration