Monday, August 5, 2013

Audi NZ ad: Land of Plenty. Land of Quattro - great A/V

What is a good TV commercial? End of the day, it's great audio-visual content that makes it memorable. Just what the new Audi New Zealand commercial "Land of Plenty. Land of Quattro" - Audi's first ever NZ made television commercial - has in heaps.

The best TV ad I've seen in a while, it features an awesome audio track by Kiwi singer songwriter, Greg Johnson. The song was composed especially for the Audi ad. It could (and should) be used for NZ Tourism. Hear! Hear! Tourism New Zealand, this song is a floor-filler, ear-puller.

"no matter where your spirit roams... feels like home" --> beaut of a slogan for NZ Tourism

Film Credits
Agency: bcg2
Creative Director/ CEO: James Blackwood
Director/DOP – *Lee Howell
Camera Operator/DOP – *Simon Waterhouse
Second Camera Operator – James Blackwood
Producers – bcg2 / Amanda Jenkins AJ Films
Agency creative – James Blackwood (bcg2 CEO & Creative Director)
Agency suit – Martin Scragg (bcg2 Account Director)

*bcg2 enlisted the skills of Lee Howell, a commercial photographer who has done extensive work for the automotive industry, and Simon Waterhouse who specialises in shooting the South Island.

Read more about the making of the commercial on AdMedia.