Friday, August 30, 2013

Google Science Fair, YouTube Comedy Week, Geek Week

The results of Google Science Fair 2013 are out today. A celebration of creativity and innovation, it's a competition that encourages talented youngsters from around the world to pitch their potentially world-changing ideas to a seasoned panel of judges. Which one will win? --- #GSF2103

Gotta say, YouTube's taken to holding virtual events in a big way, offering TV channel-style entertainment. In May, they hosted YouTube Comedy Week (May 19-25). Earlier this month, (Aug 5-12) was YouTube Geek Week 2013 - celebrating global geekery. Here are some memorable video clips including one that came in from the now-famous Slowmo Guys. Enjoy!

Slowmo Guys, Gav + Dan start a water balloon fight with 1500 people and film it @ 2500fps. They shouldn't have... ;-)

Speaking of geekiness, I think the "Boy and His Atom" film by IBM Research is the bee's knees.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Ashton Kutcher Delivers Rockstar Acceptance Speech #InspirationCentral

'Sbeen a wild week of viral memes on the web what with Ben Affleck named the new Batman, and Miley Cyrus OMG! twerking her behind off at the VMAs. But it began with Ashton Kutcher stealing the show with his Ultimate Choice Award acceptance speech at The Teen Choice Awards 2013.

Fresh from "Jobs the film", Ashton is definitely doing some grown-up talk. Wise words in the speech, some good, sensible advice - not just for teens. Sample this 3-pointer:
  1. Opportunity... looks a lot like work.
  2. The sexiest thing in the world is being smart, thoughtful and generous. (All else is crap!)
  3. Look around. Everything you see and like was made by people just like you. Build your life.
Impressed? 3.5 million hits on YouTube... and counting. Watch the video. Inspire and be inspired.

Welcome to Inspiration Central - Inspire and Be Inspired.

Gratitude! Thanks to Angela Ahrendts for posting this on LinkedIn.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Audi NZ ad: Land of Plenty. Land of Quattro - great A/V

What is a good TV commercial? End of the day, it's great audio-visual content that makes it memorable. Just what the new Audi New Zealand commercial "Land of Plenty. Land of Quattro" - Audi's first ever NZ made television commercial - has in heaps.

The best TV ad I've seen in a while, it features an awesome audio track by Kiwi singer songwriter, Greg Johnson. The song was composed especially for the Audi ad. It could (and should) be used for NZ Tourism. Hear! Hear! Tourism New Zealand, this song is a floor-filler, ear-puller.

"no matter where your spirit roams... feels like home" --> beaut of a slogan for NZ Tourism

Film Credits
Agency: bcg2
Creative Director/ CEO: James Blackwood
Director/DOP – *Lee Howell
Camera Operator/DOP – *Simon Waterhouse
Second Camera Operator – James Blackwood
Producers – bcg2 / Amanda Jenkins AJ Films
Agency creative – James Blackwood (bcg2 CEO & Creative Director)
Agency suit – Martin Scragg (bcg2 Account Director)

*bcg2 enlisted the skills of Lee Howell, a commercial photographer who has done extensive work for the automotive industry, and Simon Waterhouse who specialises in shooting the South Island.

Read more about the making of the commercial on AdMedia.

Friday, August 2, 2013

What would a world without mobile look like?

The future is not about mobile devices. It is about mobility. "
- David Armano, Harvard Business Review

Can you imagine a world without mobile phones or smartphones? How would life be if we had social media in real life? This tech parody video gives us a good glimpse into a mobile-less world.

Think Mobile First - #BornMobile #MobileFirst  Do you have a smartphone? Or a dumbphone :-) Tablet? Or phablet?

Beyond The Device. Rise of Mobile Enterprise.

Innovative businesses are mobile enterprises. Enterprise Mobility enables you to:

  • Attract new customers
  • Delight users with contextually relevant experiences
  • Turn every interaction into an opportunity
  • Provide a consistent brand experience
  • Deliver innovation

Enterprise Mobility is about putting your business in motion, transacting on the go...
For more information on mobile experience, follow @IBMmobile + visit IBM Mobile First

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