Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rip Curl : Mirage - visually stunning video, pure eye candy

Who'd have ever thought something like boardshorts could come up with such a stunning promo video. But that's exactly what Rip Curl have gone and done with an immensely enjoyable to watch flick for their Mirage range.

What's more, RipCurl 'Mirage - The Full Experience' pulled off a technological world-first using Bullet-Time technology, by capturing full-tilt surfing action via a "30 camera array" - a line of cameras firing consistently as surfers ride towards and past it... to create stunning "frozen" moments in time. Pure eye candy. Enjoy!

52 cameras, the world's best surfers, 1 moment

To go behind-the-scenes, learn more about the campaign and the shoot, click here.
But first, check out these amazing 'Making of' videos: Behind the Slice and Behind Mirage.

Just in case you were wondering... No! I'm not a surfer. Just an avid marketer with a taste for quality films. The only thing I surf is the worldwide web - in my webshorts. (ps: I don military green on Mondays. Just in case you were... :-)

KIA Soul car ad - the Hamsters are back... party rocking hard

Here's a funny commercial for KIA Soul set to a catchy tune. The latest in a series of  amusing ads which has made the party-rocking, kick-ass rapping & hard shuffling trio of Hamsters much loved (tweeted, +1'd, liked) worldwide. Enjoy!

I quite love the bit where the enemy robotron starts to tap his feet - infected by the soulful rhythm :-)

Awesome TED talk - Shiny Eyes by Benjamin Zander is a free-flowing river of inspiration. A huge celebration of ideas, a true victory of collaborative creativity!

Aptly described as ideas worth spreading, TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. Over time, it has come to mean so much more than that. A powerful resource of global brainpower, TED is riveting talks by remarkable people - free to the world.

There are too many awesome videos on Here's one such inspiring talk by the amazing Benjamin Zander - classical music composer, accomplished pianist, story-teller extraordinaire...

Shakespeare was right. Music is the food of love. Benjamin Zander would easily agree. Watch the video and you will too. (ps: Many Thanks, Marie & Simon Young for showing me this video. Indeed, it gave me... shiny eyes.)

May The Force Be With You - cool Volkswagen ad

So much cool creative content out there! This VW commercial is a winner. Funny. Memorable. And clever.
Way better on film than on paper, the magic (I mean... the force) of this ad lies in the legendary soundtrack.
And... the awesome Darth (e-x-h-a-l-e) Vader costume.

Great News for Star Wars fans - George Lucas' legacy lives on. Coming soon to theatres in spectacular 3D !!!