Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Diwali - Light a lamp this year. On the inside.

Happy Diwali !!!!!
Wishing you and your family much peace, prosperity, joy, fun and laughter.

Diwali celebrations worldwide start with the simple ritual of lighting a "diya" (earthen oil lamp). It signifies the victory of light over darkness, symbolizing the prevalence of good over bad.

Come... join in the celebration. The best thing about Diwali is anyone can join in. No preparation (or props) required. All you need is a good, clean thought.

This year, take your Diwali celebration to a higher, spiritual level by lighting a lamp inside you:

(-: Your simple 5-step D-I-Y Diwali Diagram :-) 

Start with a good thought.
Add some passion (aka fire in your belly).
Light it up deep inside.
Keep the flame burning steady and strong.
If the flame goes off, re-ignite.

There's one way to smile... many ways to light one up. Call it a resolution, self-improvement or a promise you make to yourself. Help an elderly neighbour. Mentor someone at work. Teach someone a new skill. Start an exercise routine. Give back to society. Donate to a charity. Sponsor a child. Feed a family. Save the tiger. Save the planet !!!!! Do your bit. Make a difference.

Faulty as I may be, I have one redeeming feature. I post a Happy Diwali blog ever year:

The meaning of Diwali, the story behind the festival.
If there's anything the world needs more of right now... it's JOY, PEACE & PROSPERITY. Here's a festival that celebrates just that!

Update: Wed, 14 November

Saal Mubarak. (Indian for 'Wish you a Happy New Year')

The day after Diwali (i.e. today), marks the Hindu New Year.
Here's US President, Barack Obama sending out Diwali & New Year Greetings to all in 2012.