Monday, July 9, 2012

The Most Amazing Writing Tips... you know them all !!!

Here are some truly amazing writing tips - each one within your grasp.

Ball-point Tip
Felt Tip
Fibre Tip
Lead Tip
Metallic Tip
Stylus Tip
Wax-based Tip


1. Take a pen, or a pencil.
2. Use it.
3. Just use a keyboard and type away.

The most amazing writing tips in the world are at the end of your own hands... Your finger-tips!

When it comes to writing, there's only one tip: Think of a topic. Think. Write. Edit. Repeat.
Driving the point deeper, we met Jeff Bullas in Sydney who shared this story with us. Someone once asked Stephen King (a prolific, multi-genre writer who's written 50 novels over 40 years!)

Q: Stephen, you've written so much... how do you write? King replied: One word at a time!

Here's a good checklist from Optimal Workshop's blog. 7 Pointers to create better web content. 

HAPPY Thinking, Writing, Blogging, Posting, Sharing...
Good Luck! Let me know when your book comes out.