Sunday, May 27, 2012

Back to the Start - Chipotle Animation Film (a green viral)

Amazing animation film I've gone a bit burritos over lately. Blame it on the soundtrack. 

AWESOME VIDEO for Chipotle Organic Burritos. Set to a memorable Coldplay track "The Scientist" sung by the legendary Willie Nelsonit won the Grand Clio Award, Film. ENJOY...

Great piece of film for an excellent "back-to-the-basics" business model #Green #EcoTech

Oscar Speech Rehearsal: I'd like to Thank the lovely Paula Nightingale. If she hadn't shared this award-winning clip on her LinkedIn profile, this blog post wouldn't have been possible. Thank you, Paula... wherever you are... Thank You! (Wave and exit stage amid thunderous applause as Oscar band plays uptempo...)

And because you (yes, you!) have been good to me all month, here's your reward. Take it away...