Thursday, April 26, 2012

London 2012 Olympic Games : 27 July - 12 August

Olympic Games - the world's biggest sporting event & celebration of skill and spirit

Official logo - London 2012 Olympics (27 July - 12 Aug)

Meet Wenlock and Mandeville - the official game mascots for London 2012

London Olympics (27 July-12 Aug, 2012) are coming. The announcements & ads have begun.
  • Official site for the grand sporting spectacular in London is
  • Official website of the Olympic movement: 
  • Wenlock & Mandeville are the official mascots for the London 2012 games. Read more
  • The London 2012 Olympic Games' Official Facebook page
  • Olympics Opening Ceremony (1 billion TV viewers) is among the most watched events on the Planet
  • The 3 Official FREE Mobile Apps for London 2012 Olympics. Download them here.
    Schedules, Results, Medals, Tickets, Venues - get all the info!
  • London 2012 is the world's first Mobile-Social Olympics. The official twitter hashtags are #London2012 #Olympics 

Coca-Cola's London 2012 Olympics 'Move To The Beat TVC' - a musical collage of sports sounds.
Coke's Olympic Games anthem Anywhere in the World ft. Mark Ronson & Katy B.

WARNING: Thank You, Mum: This film may cause a lump in your throat, or wet your eye.

Olympic Game logos over the years - LA, Seoul, Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney, Athens, Beijing...

Official logo for Rio 2016 Olympic Games

With that, I declare the excitement open. Let the Socialympics games begin. 

Here's a neat InfoGraphic from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on the closely linked relationship between sports and social media. To get all the updates on athletes, teams, events, games, follow the London Olympics on The Social Media Olympic Hub.

Thanks to Robin Grant of We Are Social for posting the above infographic.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mentos Chewing Gum - Funny ads from China (VIDEO)

These are what you call super-sticky ads. That's a fine compliment in today's cluttered world of commercial content. Silly-funny humour - just right for the target audience and spot on brand. End Result: Memorable, hilarious ads from China. Enjoy!

If you're still blowing wonky-shaped bubbles with your chewing gum, it's time you took a few tips from these talented, young Chinese workmates.

One day, when Hao Tu Chu met Chu Ing King in office...

Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away. True!

How Chu Ing King won over his dream girl, Blu Me Wei...

Nissan Micra's Mega Bollywood-style Facebook Launch

Nissan India's Mega Bollywood-style promo for Micra starring heart-throb Ranbir Kapoor and 100 dancing cars. Remember to bring out the popcorn from the microwave before you hit PLAY!

Killer Formula : Bollywood Entertainment + Social Media marketing = Global Viral Hit + New Star of India

Clearly, this is more than an ordinary ad. It is the first big step for social media marketing in India. Using Facebook and YouTube, this is a mini Bollywood movie. Produced by AKQA, London, it was shot at Ramoji Film City Studio in Hyderabad. Here's the dope on the campaign in Fast Company: Nissan's Facebook-driven Bollywood extravaganza.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Viral Marketing at its best - TNT, Belgium (VIDEO)

A cool and clever ambient promo turned online/ TV ad.
Next time, you see a button on the street, beware!

This video hit 25 million+ views on YouTube in a week.

Here's the original bloglink from PandoDaily.
Thanks to DJPatil for finding this awesome commercial clip.

Acupunture :: Funny TV ad for Centraal Beheer Insurance

The first time you see this ad, it builds up to a great climax.
The second time you see it... it makes you laugh out loud :)

This TV commercial takes pain... to a new level. Hilarious story-telling. Excellent casting. Ace acting.