Monday, September 19, 2011

Order Order... No sex in the courtroom!

Did you hear about the righteous judge who promptly had the fornicating couple (caught in flagrante delicto) thrown out of his courtroom citing...
"The only thing that gets laid in my courtroom is a complaint."

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OK I admit! I came up with that one. But I must credit this funny, true story from The NZ Herald (Sex romp couple get a warning) for the inspiration behind that joke. Here are a few cool cartoons:

If you like the above, check out Off The Law by Charles Fincher - a blogful of lawyer jokes & classic legal humour. Some of the gags are so funny, it'd be criminal not to share them. But why litigate when you can propagate!
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Stunt Poetry - Amazing work of art on film

A beautiful work of art on film. 
~Stunt Poetry in Free Motion~

Watch. Enjoy. Share...

Stunt Poetry from Rishi Kaneria on Vimeo.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Rugby World Cup Opening Night Video 09092011

We just attended the spectacular Opening Night of the Rugby World Cup 2011 down at the Auckland Viaduct.

By far the biggest sporting event in New Zealand ever, the whole city came alive - putting a great show for the RWC Launch on 09092011 - with 12,000 rugby fans and party goers crowding into Party Central aka The Cloud at Queen's Wharf and about 20,000 more milling out on the streets.

Some of the highlights of the night were awesome hakas, the arrival of a flet of wakas, a live show by the Finn brothers and Dane Rumble, a stunning fireworks display and surprise - skyscraper walkers. (see video)

Game 1 of RWC was New Zealand v/s Tonga.  Result - All Blacks won 41 - 10.