Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Naughtiest Picture from The Royal Wedding

Viewer discretion advised. Some content may ruffle prudish feathers.

Here's an exclusive image of Kate & Will sure to "go down" in history as The Naughtiest Picture of The Royal Wedding. And probably the funniest.

Amazing angle. Great clarity. Very expressive. My talented photographer friends will agree there's definitely a juicy story in there somewhere. LOL.

True Story: Prince William of Wales seen here decked out in full royal regalia,
and Princess Catherine adorned in bridal splendour & designer glory,
make an appearance for the first time after being locked in wedlock,
much to the cheer of the world, as their flower girl looks on - horrified !!!

Let's not "blow" this out of proportion but, there seems to be something rather loud and momentous going on on that balcony - which calls for a right royal reaction. Quite fittingly, it was straight after this historic act on Friday April 29, 2011 they were titled Duke & Duchess of Cambridge!