Wednesday, April 13, 2011

3 funnies to crack your dial - in a healthy way!

I recently saw 3 TVCs all of which made me laugh, and go... "Now, that's a mad one!" Mad in a good way, of course and definitely blog-worthy.

Pass them on to someone you know. It might just crack up their dial... which may develop into a healthy bout of laughter. But if you just manage to pull off even a smile :-), you can pat yourself on the back (if your hand won't reach that far, stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eye...) and say "Dude (or dudette as the case may be), your job here is done. Well done!"

Mars Chocolate Bars "Monks" Work. Rest. Play.

Wrigleys Eclipse "Parking Lot" - Intensely Strong Mint for seriously cold breath

Skittles "Touch Cat" Touch the Rainbow. No, seriously!

Three full LIKEs going out from me to the 3 ads.

Thumbs up Clever. Yes!

Thumbs up Crazy. For sure!

Thumbs up Captivating. Job not just done but... Well Done!