Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Have a ridiculously Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Today is St. Patrick's Day - a day when everyone becomes a little Irish - whatever it means!

At a time when the world is experiencing bushfires, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, we could all do with huge dollops of happiness. And heaps of luck would be nice too! On that positive note...

It must be said, the Irish have some of the funniest greetings, coolest prayers & most creative blessings. Gives a whole new twist to 'Gods must be crazy!' Sample these and leave that smile on, you lucky leprechaun:)

OK! That's not an Irish blessing. It's a random fact :) 
(Just my way of checking you're not a laugh-bot!)

And my favourite one...

Seriously God, Thank you for thinking of... everything!

Blissfully, most festivals of the world bring luck, laughs & joy with them - in generous quantities! And, I'd like to wish everyone in the world a ridiculously (and deliriously) Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Remember, there's a whole lot more to life. Live. Laugh. Love. Lighten up.
Get that right and that's your pot of gold. More you share it, more it grows.

Festive Feel-good Fix: Celebrate this song charged with positive energy.
A gift from U2 - the world's top band, Ireland's greatest gift to the world!