Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Is Maria Sharapova the world's No.1 grunter?

Maria Sharapova - most photographed sportswoman in the world

3 times Grand Slam Winner and Grand Glam Gal Maria Sharapova is the star attraction in the ASB Classic Women's Tennis tournament being played in Auckland right now (Jan 3 - 8, 2011). But I wonder...

Shrieking at 101 decibels (= small aircraft landing), could sheeeya:) be the loudest tennis grunter ever. See the video. Judge for yourself!

Maria Sheeeayaarapova code name Supersonic Diva, Shriek Foreva ...

Epic mash-up of the game-set-&-match-winning Sharapova scream!

Here are a few press articles dedicated to grunting & screaming in women's tennis. I found them quite informative and pretty amusing:

Maria Sharapova's grunts at Wimbledon 'like a pneumatic drill'

Grunting girls of tennis told to cut the racket

Top 10 grunts in women's tennis (with video links:)

And... The Very Best Tennis Grunts (with videos)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kick-ass creative for Diesel from Argentina

Easily the top creative campaign of the year - from Santos, Buenos Aires.

Diesel deals a swift kick in the proverbial... to everybody!

AssLand - where people who speak through their ass get what they deserve!

Creatively speaking, you could call it Argentina's answer to the Old Spice Man. On a larger scale, it's a much-needed kick in the whole world's bum!

Butt seriously (sorry! coudn't resist it:) this campaign for Diesel Sneakers kicks ass on so many levels. Gotta love how they've come up with so many hilarious extensions of the concept. To see more of the crazy, wild, fun creative outpourings, CLICK HERE & laugh your ( o ) off.

Monday, October 4, 2010

100% pure Social Madness

Here's a bit of 100% pure social media humour...

Q- What would you get if Facebook, Twitter & YouTube merged into one?

A- You-Twit-Face Smile with tongue


Q- What would happen if LinkedIN, FourSquare & MySpace joined the race?

A- Square-Book-In-My-Face, You Space-Linked Twit-Tube

And here's some more Social Madness from the web:

And some more SM humour from the legendary Scott Adams' comic strip:

Be great if you could send me your favourite SM gags/ gaffs/ guffaws via comments...
Go on... get social with it. Stay connected. And of course, keep the madness alive :-)

Yep, that's me... good ol' Social Media Evangelist me!