Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Is Maria Sharapova the world's No.1 grunter?

Maria Sharapova - most photographed sportswoman in the world

3 times Grand Slam Winner and Grand Glam Gal Maria Sharapova is the star attraction in the ASB Classic Women's Tennis tournament being played in Auckland right now (Jan 3 - 8, 2011). But I wonder...

Shrieking at 101 decibels (= small aircraft landing), could sheeeya:) be the loudest tennis grunter ever. See the video. Judge for yourself!

Maria Sheeeayaarapova code name Supersonic Diva, Shriek Foreva ...

Epic mash-up of the game-set-&-match-winning Sharapova scream!

Here are a few press articles dedicated to grunting & screaming in women's tennis. I found them quite informative and pretty amusing:

Maria Sharapova's grunts at Wimbledon 'like a pneumatic drill'

Grunting girls of tennis told to cut the racket

Top 10 grunts in women's tennis (with video links:)

And... The Very Best Tennis Grunts (with videos)