Monday, October 4, 2010

100% pure Social Madness

Here's a bit of 100% pure social media humour...

Q- What would you get if Facebook, Twitter & YouTube merged into one?

A- You-Twit-Face Smile with tongue


Q- What would happen if LinkedIN, FourSquare & MySpace joined the race?

A- Square-Book-In-My-Face, You Space-Linked Twit-Tube

And here's some more Social Madness from the web:

And some more SM humour from the legendary Scott Adams' comic strip:

Be great if you could send me your favourite SM gags/ gaffs/ guffaws via comments...
Go on... get social with it. Stay connected. And of course, keep the madness alive :-)

Yep, that's me... good ol' Social Media Evangelist me!