Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hullo Ladies. Look at me. I'm on an elephant!

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The Cannes Lions Advertising Festival - the biggest and most significant industry event - celebrates creativity and awards the best in the world. Truly, an Advertising World Cup played every year.

This year, the Cannes Film Lions Grand Prix went to the wickedly brilliant Old Spice 'I'm on a horse' TVC. You'll fall for it the first time you watch it. Keeps you rivetted from start to the finish... with a flourish!

I'm on a horse... and a Cannes Lion!

It uses a powerful film technique where the protagonist speaks to the viewer in first person - taking full charge of the narrative by talking directly to the camera. Opens on this chiselled dude with a tude (more on him later) talking product benefit as scenarios morph seamlessly and props drop in suddenly - without digressing or diluting the humour.

Indeed, a rare ad that combines expert story-telling and crafty film-making. The true genius of this flick is in its taut, quick-paced edit. For more dope, check out this interview with Craig Allen & Eric Kallman of Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, the guys behind this gem on film.

The entire ad was shot as one continuous take... with very little CGI

I guess a huge (if not lion's) share of the success of this ad goes to the flawless timing and delivery of its main man - Isaiah Mustafa, a former NFL footballer (that explains the godly bod). Since the Old Spice ad came out (Feb 10), Isaiah's become a Twitter phenom, made it on The Ellen Show and even has his own Wikipedia profile. Indeed, he's on a horse!

Look at me. Look down. Now back to me. I'm on an elephant !!!

A bath with an elephant... al fresco and au naturel (the elephant, not me!) Who'd have ever thought? But then, Nothing is Impossible. It happened one evening in Kerala, India in a remote place called Thekkady.

While the chilled water took my breath away, the jet from Jumbo - and that's one super-forceful showerhead - beat the sleep outta me for weeks!

Mr. Madness would like to thank Dee for shooting the elephant videos

Forget horses, elephants and lions... W-T-F is she on !?!

Will someone please call her doctor?