Monday, June 7, 2010

From Kiwi bloke to Instant Dancing Sensation

It's raining ads worldwide... fat, juicy big-budget TVCs. eg. Nike's Write the Future; Adidas Celebrate Originality; Dulux Walls, Samsung's 3D TV.

Closer to NZ, it's been Cadbury's Dancing Cow; Coruba Rum's slick Green Flash tvc; ANZ's funny as 'We live in your World" series; suave CEOs fronting up to the camera armed with signs (Rob Fyfe, Air NZ) and a fly-fishing rod (Paul Reynolds, Telecom) and even a 3D ad for BMW Mini.

This ad is fun from the get-go. Click on the image to view the ad.

But the ad that caught my fancy was the new Instant Kiwi ad where a bloke breaks into a mad jig on winning a lottery. With so much going on in the ad, it's Broadway gone Bollywood - but in a good way. A real visual feast! And the tagline It can all change in an instant has a catchy ring to it.

Read what DDB ECD, Toby Talbot has to say about it on NBR's Ad blog.

While on Instant Kiwi, here's a rewind back to classic ads from 80s & 90s.

Click for more info on the 'Bungy' ad above on the Classic Kiwi TV blog.

Click for more info on the 'Exam' ad above at The Inspiration Room.

Click here for the more recent but as hilarious Mexi-Doug series of ads.