Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A stroke of genius is all you need

Have you ever had an idea that seemed crazy — maybe crazy enough to work? Every invention starts out as an idea, and it only takes a bit of genius to make it reality. See how some of the greatest inventions were brought to life in The Stuff of Genius video podcast.

Recent episodes include:

•During World War II, William Mitchell made a discovery that led to the emergence of junk food for the masses. Learn how tapioca led to pop rocks and what powdered egg whites have to do with it.

•When Philo Farnsworth was just fourteen years old, he had an epiphany that changed his life -- and ours. Tune in and find out how this former sharecropper created the modern television.
•Norman Borlaug spent most of his life fighting world hunger and led the effort to grow more productive, disease-resistant wheat strains. Discover how Borlaug's wheat started a revolution.

I saw this article on HowStuffWorks. Liked it and instantly posted it to my blog. Owned by The Discovery Company, How Stuff Works is an awesome general knowledge website. Go there.