Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let there be light... and lasers please!

Over the past 7 months in Auckland, I've seen some very cool light projections and laser displays.

Last year, it was Telecom Night Lights - a son 'et lumiere extraordinaire.

To see more videos on the same, click here to go to my Youtube Channel.

Last month, at Urbis Design Day... it was The Dub Module (same guys did Telecom Night Lights) who transformed a static, empty corner of a wall into a simulated dynamic environment with amazing laser projections of live fish, animated whiteboard and even a ticking clock. See the video. Be amazed.

Just the other day, I saw this Graffiti Wall built by the guys at Saatchi & Saatchi IT - Matthew Marsh & Peter. A nifty installation, it featured a laser projector beaming a paint application on to a glass window screen. Then they bluetoothed a Wii remote to create a motion sensor field all around it. And the most ingenious thing, a digital spray-can - Matthew actually soldered an Infra-red laser pointer into a bottle!

Matthew Marsh spray-painting his digital canvas

@Mr_Madness... I've been GRAFFITI'd 

Everytime you press the head of the digital spray-can, it emits an IR beam which is detected by the Wii remote to turn the spray-can into a wireless mouse, and lo! behold... colour on the graffiti wall. Genius!