Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Q - Why do ads go viral? A - Ask Evian.

Viral marketing is the cheapest and probably most effective form of marketing today. It involves content so contagious, it catches on and gets shared rapidly across online communities. Call it a social ripple effect.

Q - So why does some content (be it an ad, movie clip, song video, news story) go viral while some does not? That's a biggie and if you find the answer, let me know. Here's my A - If content is king, data is king-maker.

Media experts go to great lengths to ensure the ads go viral, at times adopting techniques like seeding. To seed an ad is to strategically plant content when & where the target prospect (a person most likely to spread the virus, pass it on, infect others) will receive it.

Q - But how does one identify a target prospect?
A - Relevant, accurate and scientifically sorted data.

Q - And just how does one acquire such quality data?
A - Ask Google Analytics, Dataminers, Media Researchers. Or Evian:)

The highly contagious Evian Waterboy

The very infectious Evian Roller-babies

Here's a list of the Top 10 viral ads (all 10 are winners!) from back in 2007, when viral marketing was just about taking off. Although the list is dated, it's enjoyable all the same & even has all the YouTube links. Enjoy!