Monday, March 1, 2010

News Dots - Interactive News Mapping

Came across a cool social networking tool the other day.

News Dots - an interactive news map based on the premise that all news stories around the globe are linked, if not directly then through another.

Can't help wondering, could this be the new model of how we consume our news? In these times of live video streaming and breaking news as they happen, I tend to agree. It sure seems a viable alternative to me.

Click here to check out the interactive tool and learn about the back-end tech that makes News Dots work.

______________________AND NOW_______________________

Here's a smart application of the social networking concept i.e. localisation on a commercial basis: Worth Talking Over from Monteith's beer of NZ.

They constructed an interactive map of all the red-hot-newsy topics of conversation (or Trending Topics, as Twitter calls it) and linked them together to give an indication of what's getting New Zealanders buzzing.

The brewers figured once they got them Kiwis chatting about the talk of the town, they'd talk it over a chilled beer (Monteith's, of course) for company. Definitely an idea worth talking over. I'll say cheers to that!