Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mission Bay Jazz Festival - a musical feast

Live music well played is good for the heart n' soul. Few things in life can top it. Add in some fresh air by the beach, a full-moonlit beach and an outdoor bar with Mt. Rangitoto as the backdrop - and it all sounds dreamy.

That's exactly what Auckland's annual Mission Bay Jazz Festival is about. For $10 a pop, you can see 14 bands playing live - at the same spot.

My first time at the fest and I was half-expecting just jazz by the bay. Happily, I discovered some cool rock bands incl. two awesome ones:

The Recliner Rockers - true to their name, they belted out hard bluesy rock tracks. A seasoned bunch of performers, these guys are a class act!

Want to have a listen? Check out the videos.

The Flaming Mudcats - if blues is your thing, here it is. These talented pros are on top of their game. Wait till the harmonica meets the guitar!

Feel like some vintage blues?