Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Horoscopes... with a humungous pinch of salt

Noticed how, of late, people have become pros at prediction. Everyone's got 20-20 vision of the future and knows exactly what's going to happen.

That said, I reckon astrologers have mastered the art of random prediction. Ok! Ok! It's not all random. They have their moon-sky charts, vague intergalactic numbers and some astro-gunk on planetary angles.

Random or not, I think there's a funny side to horoscopes. Like all else in life, never take them too seriously.

Here's some highly unscientific stuff I made up that made it to the shelves. Instructions: To be taken with a massive pinch of salt. It's Ok if you vomit.

Ur horoscope  for today: U will double-click on a picture to read it. 
Then download & save it, says ur big fat Uranus.

Guess what? It's all going your way today. You... lucky you!
Even ur Pluto says the exact same thing as above. Jolly good heavens!