Monday, February 22, 2010

Truck Art - not just legs, this idea's got wheels

If you thought all truckies were big, burly, loud-tooting, oft-swearing, mean menacing mofos hurtling down in metallic monsters on the motorway, it's time you brought in your perceptions for a rehaul.

Here's a bunch of German truckies with appreciation for art and love of creativity. Spreading smiles for miles and having a bit of fun on the way as they trail massive loads across interstate borders in Europe.

Last one left... time to stock up

 Pepsi Lite - so light, it defies gravity

 If you must tug a load, tote it

 Hmmm... something fishy going on in there

 Truth be told, his head is up his arse

Amazon Kindle - One library to go, please

 Pringles Hot & Spicy... Caution: Highly inflammable. Keep safe distance.

As they say, an idea can come from anywhere. 
But only the good ones go places.

Mr. Madness would like to thank Meeta Parekh for this post.