Monday, February 15, 2010

Now here's a fresh idea... DriveTime

If my blog has a theme, it's... ideas, passion and passion for ideas.
On that note, here's a fresh, original one.

DriveTime - Ravi Jain's videoblog about encounters with people in his car (aka Studio A) on his commute to work in Boston, USA. What began as random chance encounters gradually grew (through his blog) to people calling in and asking to be interviewed. Over time, he moved on to chatting with celebs and interesting sorts.

I first caught a glimpse of this ingenious idea on a re-run of Beyond Tomorrow - a science and technology television show from "Down Under". In Nov 2005, Episode Six, (above) Ravi interviewed Kim Watkins - the TV host who travelled all the way from Oz to Bos to cover DriveTime on her show.

Cabbies, please take note (and some inspiration). There's a lot you can do with a webcam, a car and a steady stream of everyday people. But you must be willing to spend hours on film editing & compression for web. Luckily, Ravi had the support of his part-time co-blogger and full-time wife, Sonia.

Over 3 years, DriveTime garnered a steady base of viewers from all over the world. Judging by the positive comments to his posts, Ravi's idea seems to have caught on and gained a fair bit of popularity.

Can't help wondering, at a time when videoblogging has gone mainstream, where & why has this pioneer V-blogger vanished? I sure hope a Hollywood producer has spotted Ravi and is making a movie called...
DriveTime - coming soon to a traffic jam near you!