Monday, February 15, 2010

Meet Stephen Wiltshire - The Human Camera

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Take Stephen Wiltshire for instance.

As a child Stephen was mute, and did not relate to other human beings. Aged three, he was diagnosed with autism (the neural disorder famously portrayed by Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man). He had no language skills and lived entirely in his own world, cut off from all normal social interaction.

Yet today, at 35, Stephen Wiltshire of London, is a popular artist with his own art gallery, personal website, a Wikipedia profile and a growing body of world-renown work. So much so, his unparalleled art is lauded as the work of a beautiful mind. Just what is so special about him?

Stephen Wiltshire is a human camera. He is not only blessed with a photographic memory, but also has the uncanny artistic ability to sketch giant panoramas of cityscapes - down to intricate details - after seeing them just once via a short helicopter ride !!!

Here are a few amazing videos of Stephen drawing Tokyo, Rome and his most recent opus, a 20 ft canvas of Manhattan.