Thursday, January 7, 2010

I declare 2010 open. Let the madness begin...

Hello all... Happy New 2010.
Let's begin the new decade with a bit of a chuckle.

Now we all know why Xmas is called the silly season. But some goofy goons take that too seriously. Here's a case of epic stupidity I spotted:

"Avoiding police is easier if you don't fall asleep on the horn of a stolen car at 1am and wake up an entire street.

But that is exactly what one burglar did on Boxing Day, making him a late contender for the "stupidest crim of the decade" awards. The man was arrested after residents on Whitney St, Blockhouse Bay, were woken by the sound of a horn blasting from a Pajero 4WD.

"I heard all this noise," said one man. "This guy looked stoned out of his mind and he was asleep on the horn. He woke the entire neighbourhood and seemed too spaced out to know what was going on.

And if you thought that's a gone case, check out this global gonzo:

An underwear bomber from Nigeria,
Passed all airport security criteria,
But his evil plans were no big deal,
Guess what he got for in-flight meal?
A sauteed sausage & terminal diarrhoea.