Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sit tight or you'll fall down laughing

Doctor... dunno why but people call me a wheel-barrow.

For further instructions, contact the liftman.

Look before you leap or else, goodbye forever.

Honey... this seems like a nice one for junior.

One look and you can tell the dude's a heavy metal drummer.

Caution - Low bridge ahead. May cause insurance.

New Improved Love - now on wheels + unbeatable discount scheme

Mr. Madness would like to thank Naveen Krishnan for this post.

Innocent brands shot in public

How to say 'I've got a Merc' in Braille.

The new Nokia hands-free. Move over Bluetooth. Blackstrap is here.

Btw, the woman who embroidered the logo grows grass in her backyard.

Sniff Sniff... what's that funny spell

Can someone please call the spelling hospital... this is an emergency

Down with Dictation & Spelling Exams

Everyone knows chicks dig men in uniform so why not spell it out

McLahore is lovin' it - buys new premises

Going by their new signage, gotta say, these guys... they work real hard.

From modest beginnings in early 2009, they've come a long way.

Btw, they also do takeaways now. Dial a McPak anytime of day, night or in between. Please note Haroon's mobilephone remains the same.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Mark Inglis for New Zealander of the Year

The New Zealander of the Year Award honours the achievements and contributions of an inspirational Kiwi. A rare individual with Kiwi can-do spirit who has makes New Zealanders feel proud of their country.

A bona fide Kiwi, Mark Inglis is the world's first double amputee to summit Mt. Everest. Click here to find out more about his inspiring life story.

Click here to nominate Mark Inglis as New Zealander of the Year 2010.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dear Mark Inglis... Happy 50th

I believe Mark Inglis is living embodiment of the 'Never Give Up' spirit and positive proof that 'Nothing is Impossible'.

My belief was only reaffirmed when I was lucky enough to meet him and listen to his motivational speech on August 30th, 2009 at the Grand Opening of Pramukh Swami Youth Centre.

Last week, Mark was invited to present at the Global Creative Leadership Summit 2009 in New York as one among only 3 Distinguished Private Citizens. Mark Inglis | Global Creative Leadership Summit

Incidentally, today is Mark Inglis' 50th Birthday and I'd like to wish my dear friend the very best for today and many more years to come.

Straight from the heart

27 Sep, 2009 - TODAY is World Heart Day.

Did you know there's a day set aside to celebrate your Heart?

Organised by The World Heart Federation, the noble message of World Heart Day is reaching people far and wide across the globe. Thanks to the good people USANA Health Sciences, NZ, who are helping them drive their message further. I came across this on their blog and found it quite interesting esp. the Work with Heart theme, and the "Listen to your Heart" exercise in the beginning.

Who will go thru... NZ or Bahrain?

The 2010 FIFA World Cup (first ever in South Africa) is scheduled from June 11 - July 11, 2010. But the excitement has already begun in the World Cup Qualifiers.

With New Zealand topping the charts in the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC); and Bahrain winning the Asia play-off against Saudi Arabia, the showdown is set.

The two teams will compete in a two-legged Asia v/s Oceania play-off, with the winner advancing for a place at South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Match Schedule

Bahrain v/s New Zealand (home and away)

* 1st leg (Manama): 8pm October 10 (5am October 11 NZ time)
* 2nd leg (Wellington): 8pm November 14

Love knows no Limits - 4



Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Love knows no Limits - 1


One brave son-of-a-bitch


A Tog? Or a Diger?

Incredible as it seems, the above images have not been photoshopped.

SILICON VALLEY coming to New Zealand !!!

CNN Breaking News:
In the wake of the implosion of the US auto industry, a unilateral decision was reached at The Pentagon last night to shift Silicon Valley to a remote base. In the best interest of US software companies, it was agreed Silicon Valley will come to New Zealand in Sept








Pammy to show at Air NZ Fashion Week 2009

KR and me

On August 21, 2009, I met Kevin Roberts, Worldwide CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi at CBDxConnect at The Rendezvous Hotel, Auckland. Kevin flew down from New York just for the YMCA event.

At our encounter, a funny incident happened... which made the news. Here's the story as it appeared in the September issue of AdMedia - New Zealand's leading advertising magazine.

Nothing like a good shower

A bath with an elephant... al fresco and au naturel (well, almost!). Who'd have ever thought? But then, Nothing is Impossible. It happened one evening in Kerala, India in a remote place called Thekkady.

While the chilled water took my breath away, the force of the Jumbo Jet - and that's got to be the most powerful showerhead in the world - it's the most refreshing feeling in the world.

It's true what they say... there's nothing quite as stimulating as a good shower. Eureka... aaaah!