Monday, December 14, 2009

Is Photo-Bombing... the next big fun fad ?

Could this legendary News-Crasher have sparked off a new fun fad?

Call it news-crashing, photo-bombing, thunder-robbing or show-stealing... here's how it's done:

Without doubt, the funniest photo-bombs are the natural, un-planted ones - the ones that just get taken and show up in the photostream. And unless you spot them first, they could turn into... #ThatAwkwardMomentWhenSomeoneTellsYouTheresACockroachInYourClickinSoup

Here's one of those rare shots I got off my mate's Facebook album.

Man helps himself to Access-All-Areas Backstage Pass... while Berlin concert fans wait in heat ;-)

Apparently, humans are not the only ones to have dived into the photo-bombing trend. Recent reports seem to suggest even sting rays - you read that right - have begun to rob the thunder from under unsuspecting noses - one flippity-flappin' frame at a time. Don't believe me? Take a peek.

* Thanks to Courtney Smith, Chief Creative Officer, Pure Matter for the Mashable link above.