Sunday, December 13, 2009

What's the weirdest video you saw in 2009?

Hardcore researchers will research anything they can get their hands on. But this is frickin' bats. Fruit Bat Fellatio is the weirdest vid I saw in 09.

WARNING: This video is sexually explicit and was edited & soundtracked (!!!) by the researchers.

Female short-nosed fruit bats have been observed performing fellatio on their partners during copulation. Mating pairs spent more time copulating if the female did so.

Cynopterus sphinx live in south-east Asia. The males often roost with small groups of females.

The bats copulate dorso-ventrally, with the male mounting the female from behind. During mating, the females reached over to lick the base of the male's penis in 14 of the 20 pairs that copulated.

The tip of the penis had already penetrated the female's vagina, and the males did not withdraw when the female licked the base of the penis.

Both the duration of an individual copulation, and the overall time a mating pair spent copulating, were increased if the female performed fellatio.

Talking about weird, this 1995 video of Susan Boyle (that went viral in 09) is right up there too...

So what's the weirdest stuff you saw in 2009?